Some things to be considered

Deciding whether to go into therapy – and choosing a therapist – are important personal steps. So it is sensible to do it carefully and with due consideration.

It is essential you feel comfortable, confident and at ease with whomever you decide to work with. Many people find it helpful to meet a therapist first to talk things over. Here at Divine Transformation Hypnotherapy there is a small fee (see bookings and fees – meet session) for this and is usually 20-30 minutes.

Having this chance to meet your therapist enables you to connect with them and gives you a sense of knowing that you can build a rapport with the therapist.

After this chat you can go home and think it over.You can make an informed decision whether to go ahead there and then. The choice is entirely up to you.

There is no obligation to proceed if you don't wish to and it is essential you feel confident with the therapy and the therapist.

Bookings / Fees


Understandably quite a number of people want to know if there are contraindications for hypnotherapy – and if so, what are they. The straight answer is YES.

Sometimes the Client's own attitude to the therapy. Some people are extremely nervous, even scared of the idea of experiencing hypnotherapy. They may fear losing control, or revealing innermost secrets, or drifting into some esoteric world.

Such fears are totally unnecessary because for most people hypnotherapy is gentle, pleasant and extremely safe experience. However for those for whom hypnosis arouses strong, persistent feelings of anxiety – even after meeting and talking over these concerns with a therapist – it would probably be best to seek some other form of therapy.

Asthma and IBS can only be treated with hypnotherapy if these have been diagnosed by the person's GP.

Moving up the scale we come to the area where hypnotherapy is contraindicated. These include:

  • Schizophrenia Alcohol or drug psychosis
  • Pathological personalities Epilepsy
  • Bi-polar conditions Depressive illnesses
  • Suicidal tendencies. Serious heart conditions

Hypnotherapy during pregnancy.

I suggest you first consult your GP or obstetrician and proceed on their advice. Hypnotherapy can be very efficient for pain control at the time of birth.

Hypnotherapy is efficient also with headaches and migraine, please consult your GP first as pain is an indicator that something is wrong.